Digital Design celebrates its tenth year

SITI 10 anni

Digital Design celebrates its tenth year

From its origins to today, the pioneers of digital printing continue to innovate relentlessly.

Formigine, May 2021 – Digital Design, a SITI B&T Group company, celebrates an important stage in its growth path, ten years in business. Many decisive steps have marked the success of this company, which in a few years has been able to distinguish itself and become a point of reference for the entire Sassuolo ceramic district and beyond. In fact, in the last period the Studio has been successfully offering itself in many industrial sectors where design finds the most varied applications, demonstrating competence and flexibility even outside the ceramic sector.

In name and in fact, Digital Design was created at the dawn of a technological revolution that radically changed the production system in the ceramic sector: the transition from analogue to digital printing. In the wake of change, the studio grows and develops on completely digital foundations, breaking free from traditional printing canons right from the start to explore new, creative and technological horizons.

Thus, the pioneers of digital ceramic printing set out to conquer a still virgin market and were able to keep their competitive advantage alive in the following years. Not alone, but with the support of the entire SITI B&T Group and in particular thanks to the technical support of another important company of the Holding: Projecta Engineering, specialized in decoration technology with digital printing.

With the relocation to Ubersetto, Digital Design takes another important step towards success and recognition among market players. Here originated the Docks, the evocative, themed rooms designed to welcome and share the design studio’s newest projects. A winning presentation strategy, which consolidates the position of the company, not only for its high specialization, but also as a hub capable of intercepting and elaborating trends in the field of surface design.

Digital Design, which has always been in close contact with the entire ceramic production chain, has never stopped innovating, also making use of digital laser matrices for direct decoration on the finished product. The initiatives carried out during the period of restrictions due to Covid-19 are the proof of constant research. With the renovation of all the rooms and the launch of the RPD (Remote Product Development Program), the team continues to express its desire to propose and innovate. This new software, perfectly integrated with Industry 4.0, allows ceramic manufacturers and paint factories to speed up the product development process, reaching the desired colour tone even remotely. Another milestone achieved together with UNIMORE and presented at Horizon 2020, is a patent that arose from the synergy between the world of digital graphics and the branch of artificial intelligence. A step towards the future of colour profiling in digital printing systems.

Aesthetic analysis, creativity combined with constant Research & Development activities fuel all Digital Design projects. Art and technique are at each other’s service, as Elena Pellesi, CEO of the company, states: “Technology without the fundamental creative contribution has no direction …” This is the Studio’s strength together with its 47 collaborators, a dynamic and flexible team with diversified skills able to satisfy customer demands, both from an artistic and technical point of view. Digital Design can also count on the presence of USA Digital Inc., the American branch based in Tennessee, which supports the Group in the distribution of spare parts. The company has recently begun to contextualize products through rendering, plan spaces with the BIM method and process mappings based on light reflections, thus opening up to the world of architecture.

From this context emerges the particular vocation of the Studio to act as a valid consultant and reliable partner in the creation of customized collections. From the creative path that starts from the development of a concept and can arrive at the implementation of the project, the customer is followed at every stage of the process. Prestigious companies make use of this valuable support and assign the creation of their collections to Digital Design, one example among many is the company Idylium.

Fresh and avant-garde collections arise from the union between aesthetic refinement and the know-how of Digital Design in the digital printing field. According to Elena Pellesi, who has always held the position of CEO with determination and foresight, today the driving trend is that of the world of colour. A return to bright colours, ranging from blue to lilac and pink, which when combined with neutral and delicate colours are able to restore a sense of balance and harmony to any room in the house.

In this sense, as an integral part of the technological process, all the Group companies converge in Digital Design. Moreover, the attention that the Group pays to the aesthetics of the product and to the processes to obtain increasingly impactful variants from a visual and tactile point of view is widely acclaimed.




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