Gruppo B&T and Riwal: a shared project for sustainability

Gruppo B&T and Riwal: a shared project for sustainability

Energy efficiency and sustainability in the ceramics District remain key issues in the industry’s development policies. Avoiding the fluctuating gas costs that are eroding businesses’ revenues and complying with European regulations on circular economy and energy efficiency are therefore vital. However, only advanced innovation in technology based on the combination of raw material recovery systems and hydrogen/natural gas mixtures to reduce CO2 emissions will we be able to foster continuous growth in the Italian and European ceramics industry.

In this path, Gruppo B&T is a strategic partner for the creation of efficient, sustainable systems. The Formigine-based company has been chosen by Nuova Riwal Ceramiche for its new complete production line. Producing 100% green porcelain stoneware, the line includes SUPERA® RAPIDA, a 7-layer horizontal dryer, a TITANIUM®H2 kiln, a TORNADO dry squaring line and latest generation automatic storage.

Nuova Riwal Ceramiche has therefore equipped its factory with a SUPERA® RAPIDA, the technology for belt pressing without mould by Gruppo B&T. Named to reflect the high pressing speed, in the 18,000-tonne version it produces sizes ranging from 60×60 cm to 120 x 240 cm, with thicknesses up to 20 mm. Also designed for traditional sizes, the line delivers matchless results in terms of both lower consumption and costs and high performance. With this in mind, Nuova Riwal Ceramiche has also chosen to equip SUPERA® RAPIDA with the patented Start&Stop® system, an innovative hydraulic power unit with pumps that can be modulated according to the pressing cycle to guarantee minimal electricity consumption, resulting in energy savings amounting to 50% compared to traditional presses.

SUPERA® RAPIDA uses a superior high-hardness, easily storable resin punch with patented perimeter containment system. Thanks to this procedure, products need no trimming after pressing, which cuts down waste to just  1-2% of the slab’s weight, with the little waste produced then fully recycled within the process. Featuring Green Cut raw cutting technology developed by Ancora – a sister company that leads the market in finishing equipment – SUPERA® RAPIDA also guarantees maximum flexibility and versatility in terms of product size and thickness, while completely eradicating raw waste.

Moving on to firing, the system includes a TITANIUM®H2 single-layer roller kiln, one of the most important features of which is the combustion system for hydrogen/methane mixture containing up to 30% hydrogen in volume. This system provides an immediate reduction in CO2 emissions, which is significant within such an energy-intensive industry as ceramics.

Located at the kiln exit, the TORNADO dry squaring line is a technology developed by ANCORA, which increases efficiency of the squaring process and significantly reduces running costs. In addition to a production capacity of up to 20 thousand m2/day, it is also fully automatic due to the new laser system offering real-time continuous measurement and adjustment of the trimming process.

 “This partnership confirms the desire to lead the ceramic and European markets towards increasingly sustainable, smart, and energy-saving solutions. The Nuova Riwal Ceramiche project embraces our vision of a green, sustainable, and efficient ceramic plant, encompassing all the latest technologies we have developed – which form a new benchmark for the industry” stated Gruppo  B&T’s Managing Director and Chairman, Fabio Tarozzi.

A similar project was also accomplished in Portugal, under another prestigious partnership, this time with Revigrés: a full 100% green line – designed and manufactured by Gruppo B&T – which also comprises a TITANIUM®H2 single-layer roller kiln with a 60% hydrogen mixture fuel/power option.

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