Hydrogen kilns within three years: SITI B&T research looking towards the energy transition

Hydrogen kilns within three years: SITI B&T research looking towards the energy transition

Making thermal machines efficient: the recipe foresees a strong energy saving immediately and the replacement of fossil fuels within three years.

SITI B&T Group research accelerates by focusing strongly on new hydrogen-based technologies to accompany ceramic producers towards the energy transition. The start of a process of gradual replacement of traditional methane with a hydrogen-based gas blend will further reduce the use of fossil fuels and atmospheric emissions.

SITI thermal machines are already Hydrogen Ready, that is, ready for the first levels of a hydrogen mix from the distribution network. In 2021, a project for the development of thermal machines running off a strong blend of traditional fuels and hydrogen was launched through which SITI B&T sets itself a very ambitious goal: to make available to its customers an eco-friendly and carbon free firing technology within the next three years.

In the meantime, with the considerable increase in methane gas costs, it is vital for ceramic producers to think about how to reduce energy consumption in the shortest possible time, in order not to lose competitiveness and profitability. A pioneer of the energy theme in the ceramic machinery sector, SITI B&T Group is now able to offer solutions that make the processes of thermal machines more efficient. The best-in-class Titanium kilns guarantee energy performance of absolute excellence, with a reduction in fuel consumption of more than 30%.

One of the major European manufacturers believed in SITI B&T’s innovation by replacing an existing traditional kiln with a Titanium double channel kiln, which allowed it to drastically reduce consumption and immediately save over 700,000 Euro annually.

Since its launch on the market, more than 100 Titanium kilns have been installed at the world’s leading ceramic producers, of which more than half in Europe and the rest throughout the world, including Brazil, Central America, Russia and Asia.

To immediately obtain energy savings for a wide range of working kilns, even very old ones, SITI B&T also offers customers the range of Vulcan burners, which allow savings on methane gas consumption from 8% to 10% compared to the installed technology.

Thanks to continuous investments in R&D (5% of annual turnover) and numerous invention patents, SITI B&T Group confirms itself as a pioneering technological partner, able to lead the sector towards new technological horizons with the utmost attention to the theme of sustainability.




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