New SITI B&T spray dryer in the Laminam plant

New SITI B&T spray dryer in the Laminam plant

The Group contributes to the expansion of the plant in Borgo Val di Taro in the Parma Apennines 

SITI B&T has won Laminam’s trust in doubling its production capacity at the Borgo Val di Taro site: the market leader for large ceramic slabs has chosen SITI B&T Group technology for the latest generation spray dryer, which stands out for its maximum productivity, high energy efficiency and the quality of the end product.

The spray dryer is designed for the recovery of heat from other users, thus allowing a marked reduction in energy consumption.

Energy efficiency is also achieved thanks to the lower temperature set-point, the optimized diffusion of hot air in the chamber and the burner compatible with a hydrogen blend.

The spray dried powder cooling system allows packing of the batches and storage silos downstream of the spray dryer to be prevented, increasing the quality of the finished product that can be obtained during the pressing phase.

SITI B&T’s technical solution boasts a heavily green component, protecting the particular ecosystem of the Alta Val di Taro, where the Laminam plant is located: the stringent limits on emissions are in fact fully respected thanks to an innovative filtration system and dust recovery.

SITI B&T therefore confirms itself as a complete technological partner, capable of responding to the needs of green technologies with low environmental impact.




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