Another success for Projecta, in the second round of its patent infringement suit against Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech

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Another success for Projecta, in the second round of its patent infringement suit against Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech

New result confirms the exclusivity of its proprietary know-how and its role as technological leader

As part of its aim to disseminate its know-how nationally and internationally and provide the market with exclusive one-of-a-kind technologies originating from significant inhouse research and development activities, Projecta has always obtained patents to certify its technologies. Specialising in the production of digital printing decoration technologies and member of Gruppo B&T, the company constantly strives to grow and flourish through innovation, performance, and excellence.

Quality assurance that only products made in Italy can provide. The Fiorano-based company offers its customers exclusive know-how and entirely inhouse production of smart, intuitive, user-safe production technologies, alongside round-the-clock after-sales assistance and immediate spare parts with worldwide coverage.

Concerning these attributes, the Business Division of the Court of Appeal of Bologna – in appeal proceedings against a first-instance civil law ruling (general register n. 438/2021) – recently confirmed Projecta’s rights in the “second round” of the lawsuit against Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech, upholding the original decision in favour of the company in the action for infringements of its Italian patents nos. 1409620 and 1409622 and of the Italian part of patent EP 2492098B1.

Not only that, in response to a counterclaim filed by Projecta in the appeal, the Court sentenced Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech pay Projecta the profits realised from its sales of the infringing machinery.

In the first-instance proceedings, the Court of Bologna had already enjoined Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech from any further activities including manufacturing, selling, offering for sale, advertising, displaying, and using the machines falling within the protective scope of the Projecta patents at issue in the case; the court had also ordered the withdrawal of counterfeit machines from the market, including those held by sales intermediaries, and set a penalty for any further infringement.

The Court of Appeal of Bologna has now confirmed the infringement found in the previous ruling and has ordered the continuation of the appeal proceedings to quantify the profits that Sacmi Imola and Sacmi Tech had been ordered to pay Projecta for the infringement.

 “We are very happy with the confirmation of this sentence – says engineer Luca Fanara, CEO of Projecta – which demonstrates how Projecta is always at the forefront when it comes to innovation and providing its customers with outstanding solutions. We have prioritised protecting our technology for years and we are very attentive to the protection provided internationally by patents”.

The decision by the Court of Appeal of Bologna is not yet final, as it can still be challenged at a higher level but as the company has already won this “second round”, it is extremely optimistic that the ruling is unlikely to be overturned.

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