Complete B&T Quartz decoration line sold to Diresco

Complete B&T Quartz decoration line sold to Diresco

Advantages of the line include the possibility of printing designs directly onto slabs

A significant recent partnership for Gruppo B&T was forged with the recent sale to Diresco (Belgian market leader in the manufacturing and marketing of quartz composite worktops with bio UV-technology for kitchens, stairs, floors, and walls) of a Q-Art Line, the world’s first fully automated digital decoration line produced by B&T Quartz, the group’s division dedicated to machines for the quartz agglomerate industry.

For the Formigine-based group, the deal provides further confirmation of the uniqueness of the line, which offers various advantages for the digital decoration of quartz agglomerate. For Diresco, the investment symbolises a proactive response to a market under pressure. The company, operating worldwide exporting to over 20 countries, has therefore chosen to adopt Gruppo B&T technology to distinguish itself and introduce a unique, innovative product to the market, setting itself apart from the others. The choice went to the Formigine firm because of the new feature introduced by B&T Quartz, the only manufacturer that not only produces decoration machines internally with Projecta, but also offers customer the opportunity to develop graphic design projects with Digital Design, guiding them through each step of the process. “It is exactly this total package of services, in-house production and testing of machinery in Europe complemented by the possibility to provide the unique graphics fitted for the Q-Art Line, that made us choose B&T Quartz as a partner for the digital decoration technology.” – States Dirk Van Houwe, who started the new role as CEO for Diresco from the end of august 2023 – “Being able to unburden a client from A to Z is a key asset and we believe B&T Quartz is able to provide this for Diresco. The eagerness and passion from the B&T-team finally convinced us to partner up together ”

With support from the Group member companies, B&T Quartz offers customers this unique, fully integrated service and accompanies them through the continuous development of new collections that prioritise technical excellence and aesthetic distinctiveness. An added advantage that enables Customers to develop sophisticated products with unrivalled aesthetic impact, which ensure they stand out in the market.

This new technology prints designs directly onto slabs, a unique feature unlike any other application available on the market. With this line, it is the machine that – using graphic designs that may also be created just-in-time – works directly on the slab and allows the operator to change, alter, or customise the designs as needed.

Another important advantage provided by this new technology is the opportunity to enhance second quality production batches by creating graphics to correct flaws and improve their appearance. Results that mean higher profitability, less waste, and greater overall efficiency. The line can also be perfectly installed within an automated warehouse management system and integrated into the company’s logistics model.

 “The partnership with Diresco – states Roberto Manzini, B&T Quartz Director – is extremely important for us. Peopled by great innovators and industry experts, they own an extensive internal expertise and through this partnership we have established a highly collaborative construction process. The Diresco team recognised that our technology represented a new solution that would bring significant competitive advantages. With this project, not only do we supply a complete decoration line, but also the know-how that enables the customer to make full use of it and support to develop the technology to its full potential.”

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